Donít try to order that book from Amazon. That cover is just me letting you know I can use PhotoShop.Here are some wee pictures, featuring some gratuitous anthropomorphism:
. . . Thumbnails

Hereís a book you really can order from Amazon (or Barnes & Noble, for that matter).
. . . Cows

and thatís not all . . .
. . . More Wee Pictures

Not everything I draw takes such liberties with the actual appearance of things. Hereís something for those who prefer verisimilitude.
. . . Serious Stuff

If youíre starved for reading material and youíd like to see what else Iíve been up to for lo these many years, and you have enough time on your hands to wait for an 882 KB PDF to appear, click on either thumbnail below to see my illustrated resume.

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